Die Seite befindet sich gerade im Umbau. Es kann sein, dass einige Inhalte noch nicht oder nicht mehr verfügbar sind. Einige Funktionen könnten eventuell noch nicht funktionieren.
Hertlein, F., Hinterleitner, B., Voit, M., Schneidermeier, T., & Wolff, C. (2015, August). Practice What We Preach–Checking the Usability of HCI Conference Websites. In International Conference of Design, User Experience, and Usability (pp. 295-305). Springer International Publishing.

Today many conferences invite human-computer interaction and usability professionals for presentations, discussions and networking. Dedicated conference websites offer general information on the conference, on the submission process as well as on practical aspects of attending the conference. Considering the domain expertise of the audience, these websites should have extraordinary usability and offer a formidable user experience (UX). In order to evaluate this hypothesis, we have conducted a comparative usability study of three international conference websites with novice and expert users. The results show that previous experience has a slight influence on task efficiency, but also that the findings vary strongly from site to site. Independently from their experience, all participants rated the websites’ overall usability moderate to low.

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